Frankie D.

Frankie D.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The yellow-head dwarf gecko.

Today I saw a “yellow head dwarf gecko.”

I was going to my CCD class when I saw it. It was on the metal fence at the parking lot of the school mom takes me to my CCD lessons. CCD is a class you take before you do your first communion. I go to CCD on “terrible” Tuesdays – I call it like that because it’s a crazy day for me but maybe it will become “terrific” Tuesdays if I am positive enough – that’s what my mom says.  I noticed the gecko when I was getting off our van; as usual, mom was talking to me about my school day and how I need to work on being more positive and getting along better with others. You see, I have a hard time getting along with some people because of their personalities. But of course, anyone can get along with someone even if their personalities make it hard for them to become friends. So the thing is that I feel people are either better than me or just interested in things that I am not interested in at all so it’s hard for me to find a common interest to build a friendship. Getting back to the Gecko – It was pretty neat to see it. As a matter of fact I named it myself before I got home and did some research with my mom on the internet. I called it “The yellow masked iguana” Later on I found out it was actually a gecko.

Why do I write about this, you may ask?  Because my mom used to blog about things that happened in our lives years ago. I read her blog with her one day and I liked it. I asked her why she doesn’t blog anymore and she said she has no time. I want her to tell people about things that are happening in our lives today so she asked ME to do it instead. She said she would help me but it’s up to me to do it. I like the idea and I am doing it. One day, I will type it all by myself; for now, I type some sentences and she types others, mostly the long ones, but the whole story is mine.

This is the way I see things and the way I tell them. This is my life. This is my story.

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